BreaksForDays Flexi Record


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BreaksForDays Flexi Record

Product Info:

If you love to chop your drums from vinyl and you’re looking for a new collection of original and royalty free breaks, this flexi record is definitely for you.

Brought to you by BreaksForDays and Drum Broker, this is a collection of previously unreleased breaks along with a few gems from the BreaksForDays January through April releases.

However, the vast majority have not been released before this vinyl, though in my eyes, it wouldn’t matter, because these are actually on vinyl!

There are over 5 minutes of breaks ready for your to chop up, slice, splice, and mangle…without having to worry about royalties or copyright issues.

With so many drum libraries and drum kits on the market, it’s cool to see someone taking a different approach to providing unique drum content.

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  1. el morto beats

    this sounds and looks awsome!!! too bad i live in norway..on day i will order a bunch of lps like this!


    saintjoe Reply:

    @el morto beats, Thanks for watching man, yeah they have cool stuff. They also have downloadable breaks as well, good stuff if you want some original drum breaks.


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