The Drum Broker Sha Money XL kit


Style: Commercial,Drums,Urban

The Drum Broker Sha Money XL kit

Product Info:

So if you’ve heard G-Unit, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Big Krit, Tupac, Scarface, Mobb Deep, and more, chance are you’ve heard some Sha Money XL productions.

If you’re into hard hitting kicks, deep bass, snappy snares, and sweet percussion, then this may be a kit you want to checkout.

It’s nicely organized which is always a plus, but at the end of the day, it delivers some really thick drums, particularly some of the kicks and bass hits.

This kit is definitely aimed at hard urban productions.

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  1. Robert Bayard

    sup joe, i was planning on getting a new computer here in a month or so but wanted to buy this kit. Being ill be getting rid of my current computer soon, how will i save the sound kit to use on my New comp if i get this kit today and download it to this computer? thanx


  2. SoundsAndGear

    you could save it to a usb thumb drive, or something online like dropbox and then download it to your new computer


  3. Jayjae Martinez

    joe why does my maschine keep crashs, ,when i used vst’s reverbs or any delays, also have you ever heard presonus eris e8s speakers, krks are nice to


  4. PMDownUp

    I like those kicks too. I like that thump! And the reverb on the snares and claps is nice too. It’s not bad. I could definitely mess with that. And watch out now at 2:42. You got something going there haha! I would change that clap though maybe to a light snare. Good vid as always! And Maschine 2.0 next month lol! <<<<<<


  5. SoundsAndGear

    no doubt, yeah I liked some of these kicks, and I found some of the snares/rims nice as well. I just threw some sounds onto the pads for the demo to give an idea of what’s in there. And maschine 2.0…yessir. Follow me on instagram @maschinetutorials for some sneak peeks 😉


  6. SoundsAndGear

    I never heard of any issue like that, what plugins are you using? Could be a cpu issue if you can’t handle the plugins on your computer. I heard the presonus speakers once at namm, they sounded cool. I use krk currently.


  7. umbrellah

    Not bad for the price


  8. SoundsAndGear

    thanks for checkin


  9. reup913

    Good price! You sold me on it! You made every set sound good! Can’t pass on deep kicks and snappy snares


  10. SoundsAndGear

    ha, cool man, thanks for watching


  11. wer1lifeproductions

    Dope review bro!!


  12. SoundsAndGear

    thanks for watching fam


  13. mccyberthug

    Hey homie it’s your boy cyberthug, are you going to do a vid on the new maschine studio?


  14. SoundsAndGear

    you know it, check my instagram @maschinetutorials I got a few pics and a short clip on there


  15. BeatsBangcomtv

    That kit seemed a little lite.. Were those all the sounds?


  16. SoundsAndGear

    Thanks for the comment fam! I only loaded 16 sounds on the pads, but the folders of the sounds are the entire library, it’s about 129 samples all together, pretty common number it when it comes to drum kits they usually fall around 75-100 or so from what I’ve seen. Sometimes you get some larger ones though.


  17. BeatsBangcomtv

    I gotcha fam.. I guess it was the kick folder that caught me off guard. Thanx for the info. Uno


  18. SoundsAndGear

    no doubt fam, thanks for watching!


  19. Dream331

    Yo.. Keep doin what you do, mayne! I’ve lost count now on how many of your recommendations I’ve bought They should be paying you royalties! Bought this one today..


  20. SoundsAndGear

    yo that’s what’s good fam, thanks for watching I appreciate it


  21. Dream331

    No doubt, Joe. You basically eliminate all my leg


  22. SoundsAndGear

    hahaha, no doubt fam, appreciate the support


  23. PMDownUp

    Okay sounds chill. I just followed you. You can check me out as well I’m into rap beats. I put a little teaser music video on my Instagram. But I’ll be putting my first beat up soon on here. YouTube…Instagram…etc. name: PMDownUp


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