Drum Season Daniel Steele Signature Kit

Website: http://drumseason.com

Style: Acoustic,Boom Bap,Drums,Urban

Drum Season Daniel Steele Signature Kit

Product Info:

This kit is from my favorite record label, Humble Beast, and from a dope producer, Daniel Steele.

Since he’s an actual drummer AND a  super audio geek, I was definitely interested to see what he came up with.

The kit has a nice combination of acoustic/live drum sounds, synthesis, and creative sound design to deliver a lot of textures for your drum tracks.

The sounds can fit anything from boom bap, to rnb, or even trap if you wish…it’s pretty much up to you, they definitely have an urban vibe.

If you’re looking for some new drums and want sounds that hit hard and retain their own original character then take a look at this kit.

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  1. sonray

    Dope review, dope drums….Is that the same cat who did steele these drums for MSX?


    saintjoe Reply:

    @sonray, Yep, same dude!


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