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So, this is quite possibly the most innovative, creative, and unique drum instrument I’ve seen for Kontakt to date

Just think of it as a drum workstation, created by a guy that actually designs drums, loops, and sounds for many of the top hardware workstations over the years.

That guy is John Lehmkuhl and he’s the mastermind behind, where he creates patches for various software devices, along with continuing to design sounds and patches for hardware manufacturers.

This library is a really deep sampled drum instrument with a very creative interface that covers all styles from acoustic to trap, hip hop to electronic, and crazy experimental styles too.

It’s very easy to customize the sounds in the interface, and there are a lot of extra tones for layering, mixing, and mangling.

There’s even some creative use of reverb and various melodic tones in the reverb circuit to create unique hits and impacts.

If you want something fresh, new, and extremely creative…check this joint out. Oh yeah…it also comes with like 200 midi drum files/patterns!

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