Minty Drums 3


Style: Acoustic,Boom Bap,Drums,Synthetic

Minty Drums 3

Product Info:

Minty Drums is back with another collection of live acoustic drums and analog drum machine goodness.

This collection has the punchy/warm acoustic drum kit samples you would expect as well as some analog drum machine layered kicks to go along with it.

I really dig some of the hats in this collection, nice and loose acoustic sounding hats indeed.

Overall a straight forward original kit with a mixture of acoustic and analog recorded and rand through high quality gear such as API, Neve, SSL, Lavry, etc.

There’s even some low end bass kick/notes you can map out across your keys or pads

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  1. Colourblue

    Hi Joe,

    can you make a review on Stix Jam Pack Vol.1 or in case you already listened to the -complete- samples: how would you compare it to minty drums? Both include acoustic drums, but it’s hard to know what to expect from the Stix Jam pack after viewing the video and listening to the audio demo.

    I’m looking for real sounding acoustic drums. Most boom bap drum sample kits contain kicks with too much bass frequencies for my taste while acoustic kick samples mostly lack of enough low end for making hiphop. layering kicks is also much more difficult than layering snares, that’s why I try to get the right kick sound right from the sample without layering or adding reverb for the live feeling.

    Thanks in advance, your reviews are really helpful and entertaining.


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Colourblue, Yeah I have it on the list to do a video on, hopefully once it’s done you’ll get an idea of what’s in there.


    Colourblue Reply:

    @saintjoe, thanks for your quick reply. I’m already looking forward to it.


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Colourblue, no problem man


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