Most Popular Drum Sounds

Below you can find the current ranking of the 20 most popular drum libraries, plugins, and kits. This list automatically updates itself based on ratings by YOU, the visitors of this site.

This is why it’s always important to give feedback and give your own vote for the kits on the site. We’ll have much better representation for the producer community in terms of what people are looking for when it comes to drum sounds. This will not only help everyone as producers, but will also show the various drum developers what types of sounds people are looking for.

If you don’t see your favorite kit or plugin in this list, make sure you vote for it on the individual kit page!

  1. Gritty Drumz Volume One (5.00/5)

  2. Xclusive-Audio Organic drum kit (5.00/5)

  3. MSX Audio Dusty Drums Vol. 1 (4.96/5)

  4. MSX Audio Sammich Kit (4.95/5)

  5. Sample Magic Vintage Breaks (4.74/5)

  6. MSX Audio MPC Drums Vol 3 (4.70/5)

  7. XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 + Modern Soul And R&B Pack (4.67/5)

  8. Daysun Civil Gorilla Drum Kit (4.67/5)

  9. Modern Samples Hip Hop Drums Live (4.60/5)

  10. Dope VST Beat Machine (4.60/5)

  11. MSX Audio Sammich Kit 3 (4.60/5)

  12. Beat Butcha Protein Kit (4.50/5)

  13. Kicks and Snares Monster Drums (4.50/5)

  14. North Sound Boom Bap Drum Kit (4.50/5)

  15. Anomaly Oracle Pack Vol. 1 (4.50/5)

  16. The Oracle Pack Vol 2 (4.50/5)

  17. The Oracle Pack Vol. 3 (4.50/5)

  18. BeatPPL Chicken Kit (4.50/5)

  19. Big Fish Audio SMACK (4.50/5)

  20. Beat Butcha Steroid Pack (4.47/5)

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