MSX Audio Sammich Kit


Style: Boom Bap,Drums,Neo Soul & RnB,Urban

MSX Audio Sammich Kit

Product Info:

Sometimes you just need a quick dose of organic sounds to lace your tracks with.

MSX Audio is known for their live, organic-style kits, and this is no exception.

You get drum hits, fills, loops, and even a few beat box riffs. This kit is definitely useful for anyone making organic urban, soul, or boom bap style music.

Or anyone that just wants some full sounding drums with a little extra sauce on the side.

Quick Specs


  1. Juan

    I got vol 1 and LOVE IT…. The sounds that they use i there layering is sick LOVE IT…. Keep the drum samples coming


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Juan, Yeah they have some dope stuff fam


  2. Juan

    I just wish that they would organize there sounds better….lol


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Juan, I feel you on that, I think the “sammich” is more of a “grab bag” their other products are better organized lol.


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