Ski Beatz Iron Fingers Kit


Style: Boom Bap,Drums,Urban

Ski Beatz Iron Fingers Kit

Product Info:

It’s Ski Beatz, so you know it’s that classic boom bap sound

You get some kicks, snares, hats, and live percusison. I really dig the addition of live percussion in this kit, definitely gives it a dope flavor.

If you’re looking for that ole boom bap, classic hip hop sound, then these drums may be just what you need.

Oh, and there’s some really deep kicks in here… Ski knows his drums for sure

Quick Specs


  1. C-FELLA

    Great kit I definitely will cop and put to work. Thanks Saintjoe for the review!


    saintjoe Reply:

    @C-FELLA, no doubt fam, thanks for checking it out


  2. WarshaOne

    this is a nice kit and nice review lol, most def gonna get this and start working. What was that sample that you used in the background? Sounds like a harp or something


    saintjoe Reply:

    @WarshaOne, Thanks for watching, I think it was a harp sample from one of the products on their site as well.


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