Apocalypse Percussion Elements

Website: http://shop.soundsandgear.com/product/soundiron-apocaplypse-elements/

Style: Acoustic,Drum Plugins,Percussion

Apocalypse Percussion Elements

Product Info:

Sometimes you just need big, cinematic, epic drums and percussion.

Soundiron has a HUGE library dedicated to such sounds in their Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, but if you just need something a bit more straight forward, with a single mic position, single articulations, yet still sounds amazing, you’ll want to checkout their Apocalypse Percussion Elements.

It’s a “scaled-down” version of their larger cinematic percussion library, but retains all of the same epic sound at a much more budget friendly price.

It comes with a bunch of MIDI patterns integrated into the interface, as well as a dedicated FX rack page.

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