Straight Ahead Jazz Drums


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Straight Ahead Jazz Drums

Product Info:

Yeah sure there are a lot of drum kits and drum sample libraries on the market, but are they ready for those authentic Jazz tracks you’re working on?

Straight Ahead Samples has released their flagship drum library which is dedicated exclusively to not only capturing the sound of Jazz drums but the groove and swing as well.

This is a Kontakt library with a fully sampled drum kit as well as individually sampled groove parts in various jazz tempos and time signatures. You can play the hat/rides separate from the bass and snare grooves, and these are real grooves not just midi sequences!

If you’re looking for something a bit more authentic when it comes to Jazz drums and grooves, check this joint out.

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  1. nix

    those sound nice and real, a bit pricey tho 🙂


    saintjoe Reply:

    @nix, thanks for checking it out, definitely a nice sound 🙂


  2. Knox

    Love the sound but it’s how much?!!!LOL


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Knox, thanks for checking it 🙂


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