Studiolinked VST Modern Drums


Style: Commercial,Drum Plugins,Drums,Urban

Studiolinked VST Modern Drums 73.57/5

Product Info:

This is a straight forward drum plugin for those looking for a large dose of modern, hard hitting drum sounds.

It covers RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Acoustic, Trap, and Ethnic styles as well as even has some FX thrown in.

If you don’t feel like digging through folders of drums and just want to quickly pull up some bangin drum sounds, this may be something for you to check out.

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  1. William

    Man, those are some nice sounding kits. I like what I hear.


    saintjoe Reply:

    @William, thanks for checking it out fam, yeah they got some nice sounds in there.


  2. Jamari

    This is a good kit for those starting out. I agree, it’s not so much geared towards “boom-bap” sounds though, but then again if one would spend the time with the right filters, etc. and tweak to their liking. I checked out their site and I’m curious as to why one would have to buy 32/64bit separately?


    saintjoe Reply:

    @Jamari, Yeah, I told them they need to put them together in the same download they shouldn’t be separate products. But as for the sounds, they are nice, some good stuff in there, some stuff is too loud for my tastes, but you can adjust it quickly with the faders.


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