Wavesfactory DrumCircle

Website: http://www.wavesfactory.com/drumcircle.php

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Wavesfactory DrumCircle

Product Info:

This is a unique acoustic drum kit for Kontakt. The difference between this and others is how it was recorded.

They recorded multiple drummers at a time, 2, 4, and 8, for a unique and dynamic acoustic sound.

You get control over the mix levels, pitch, panning, and effects for quickly changing the feel of the instrument.

You can use the varioius recordings of 2, 4, and 8 drummers to get any combination you wish up to a full 14 drummer sound.

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  1. treztracks

    Have you ever had or song master if you did how it was


  2. SoundsAndGear

    I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly


  3. ej1mshan

    The claps sound like real claps instead of the traditional fake ones and you can really tell there’s more then one drummer, thanks.


  4. SoundsAndGear

    yeah, pretty cool indeed


  5. treztracks

    Have you ever had your song mastered by professional mastering engineer


  6. SoundsAndGear

    not my song personally no, but songs I’ve worked on have been, it definitely makes a difference.


  7. iowa1

    Absolutely Hanszimmering


  8. SoundsAndGear

    hahahaha, thanks for watching


  9. FATsnookie

    Does Komplete 9 come with a lot of Brass sounds?? When I was checking out the what was inclued on the website, I did see any Brass sounds?


  10. SoundsAndGear

    there are some brass sounds, but not a whole lot



    can you make a video about your favourite plugins and libraries?… including drum kits!


  12. SoundsAndGear

    that would take forever, as my favorites change depending on my mood, but we’ll see 🙂


  13. alxxmusic

    Great demo! Def gonna buy the pro version…


  14. Boundsx

    Hello Sounds, i wonder if this vst have diferents sets of battery ( i just listen 1 set in this demo ) you can choose others type sounds like electronic or other type acoustic?. is to much GB in hard disk ? sorry for much questions.. thanks.


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